YolkVisual Tabletop Multimedia Connectivity Box – 2 AC Power(US + 2 RJ 45 + 2 HDMI + + 1 USB, no cables, BLACK

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tabletop multimedia connectivity box → Conference Table Connectivity av Box YV-205B – Ideal for Conference Room Tables BLACK COLOR. ✅

tabletop multimedia connectivity box

Table Boxes Conference Room AV

This conference table box provides multiple av connectivity and power options for your presentation needs. ✅

Tilt up, and connect your HDMI, VGA, USB, network, or video inputs. ✅

Conference table box power can also be added to charge your laptop or smart phone. ✅

We can do customizations! Choose from all different insert options we have in stock and receive just like you want it! Enhance your conference. ✅

huddle room experience Convenient accessibility Presenters can conveniently share.

content from their own device with the conference table connectivity box. ✅

The Yolkvisual YV-205B offers stylish integration into your modern boardroom or classroom with a discreet hideaway panel. ✅

For added convenience the YV-205 features a replaceable modules for you to have what you need where you need when you need it. ✅

HDMI, VGA, USB Type C, USB Data, AC Power, Audio Miniplug, Audio Canon, RJ45, RJ11 and more. ✅

  • Conference Table Top Connectivity Box Black color with and Brushed elegant finish. ✅
  • 2 AC Power US Type, 2 RJ45, 1 VGA, 2 HDMI, 1 USB, Black. ✅
  • Special configuration upon request. ✅
  • Cut out size: 10×4.6inch. ✅
  • Material: Aluminium. ✅
  • tabletop multimedia connectivity box.

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