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AVer CAM340 USB 3.0 Ultra 4K Huddle Room Camera Yolkvisual USA

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🥇 AVer CAM340 USB 3.0 Ultra 4K Huddle Room Camera 🥇


  • Meet the CAM340  the next generation of intelligent.
  • Camera that gives you the freedom to express.
  • Yourself and collaborate anywhere.
  • Unbox, unfold, and connect to your.
  • Computer and instantly start a next generation.
  • Video communication experience.
  • For huddle and small conference rooms.
  • The CAM340 is compatible with all of your.
  • Favorite applications; connecting to virtually.
  • Any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.
  • huddle room meaning.

94° Wide Angle, No Distortion!

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AVer CAM340 USB 3.0 Ultra 4K Huddle Room Camera 


Huddle Room → Super sharp, accurate color up to 4K- Finally the term “Like looking through glass” can be used.

  • The CAM340 uses high quality sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest and most accurate color ever.
  • 94° wide angle no distortion CAM340 has one of the widest possible field of view with zero distortion. 
  • Perfect for the growing huddle room environments where attendees. 
  • are closer to the lens but sit on the edge or outside of normal cameras field of view. 
  • Pan, tilt zoom like 4x optical zoom camera With our Ultra 4K CAM340. 
  • you can zoom in up to 4x* as it if were a traditional optical camera. 
  • Zoom in and move around , no moving part, no quality lost likes typical digital zoom because this is 4K. 
  • No microphone, no problem A high quality uni-directional microphone. 
  • built-in on top of the camera can easily pick up your conversation in your huddle room environments while it suppresses noise behind the TV. 
  • Easy plug-and-play, any app Just plug USB cable and go.
  • no driver to install, no power cable*, no extra mount.
  • huddle room meaning.

Professional USB, Plug-N-Play Video Collaboration system for Huddle and Small conference rooms.

AVer once again breaks the boundaries of traditional video conferencing.

and helps companies continue to expand their Professional video collaboration to the huddle rooms.

The CAM340 is an affordable, professional-grade USB conference system optimized.

to deliver a next generation video communication experience.

It is compatible with all of your favorite applications connecting.

to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.

With our Ultra 4K CAM340 you can zoom in up to 4X* as if it was a traditional optical camera.

Zoom in and move around, no moving parts, and no quality lost as with typical digital zoom, because this is 4K.

 Call US  📱 +1 (305) 909-0381 / Email: sales@yolkvisual.com 




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